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# Top Special Valentines Day Messages For Girlfriend/Boyfriend, Husband/wife, Lovers, Friends In Hindi and English.

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Valentines Day Messages
“To the best [boyfriend / husband], you’re always in my thoughts and in my heart. Here's to the Happiest Valentine's Day spent with my soul mate. I love you.”
Jaab khamoos akhoo se baat hoti hai
ese he muhabbat ki suruwaat hoti hai
tumhare khyalo me khoye rahte hai
pata nahi kaab Din or raat hoti hai
“On this special day, I want to say thank you! Thank you for always making me feel like a Princess, for being my best friend and for being the best man a woman could ever wish to have by her side. Happy Valentine's Day to the man of my dreams!”
“Honey, from the first moment I saw you, I knew you were the man for me. I can accomplish anything with you by my side; your strength inspires me. Happy Valentine's Day to my inspiration!”
Yaadon ki parchayee mein ab to aaye tera hi cehra
Tu abhi tak iss baat se hai anjaan main hoon deewana tera
Izhaar-e-mohabaat karne to bahot baar socha maine
Par har baar tere hi aks ne roka hai rastaa mera
My life would be sad if I haven’t met you. I thank God that He crossed our path and blessed us to build a life of our own. With Him as our Center, everything else will follow. Thank you for being the same person that you are. I love you!
Koi Dukh Na Ho
Koi Gaam Na Ho
Koi Aankh Kabhi Purnam Na Ho
Koi Dil Kisi Ka Toray Na
Koi Saath Kisi Ka Choray Na
Bas Pyar Ki Nadiya Behti Ho
Kaash K Dunya Aisi Ho
Our family is our treasure. Thank you for being there for us and for supporting our needs. Thank you for loving us unselfishly. Thank you that you are the husband that I dreamed of having all my life. Happy Valentine’s Day!
Valentine Day Messages for Lover
“You've always been my sunshine on a cloudy day, my shoulder to cry on and a helpful hand when I  needed you. You deserve this special day as a reminder of the impact you've made on my life.”
“You're everything that I could ever want in a man - you're smart, charming, handsome and caring. I would be a fool to let you get away. Happy Valentine's Day to my special man!”
I love reading love stories
but honestly ours is my favorite.
Thanks for writing every chapter of our life so romantic.
Happy Valentine’s Day Sweetheart. 
Through good or bad
ups or downs
Better or worse
You were always there to hold me up
Thanks for giving me the most wonderful ride of my life
Muhabbat to sirf ek ittefaq hai
Ye to Dilo ki mulakkat hai
Muhabbat nahi dekhte ki ye din hai ya raat hai
isme to sirf waphadari or jaajbaat hai
 Apke aane se zindagi kitni khubsoorat hai,
Dil me basayi hai jo woh apki hi surat hai,
Dur jaana nahi humse kabhi bhulker bhi,
Hume har kadam per aapki zarurat hai.
Every time when I missed you,
I felt the importance of you and the emptiness in my life without you.
It’s a very horrible situation to come across.
I always wanted to be under your warm hugs and kiss my dear.
Your touch, your hug, your kiss make me hang around you.
I admit myself to you for your single smile,
for your warm touch and your sweet kiss.
Valentines Day Messages for Him
Thanks for growing old with me.
Thanks for making it so easy for me
Life is short but we’re making the most of it.
Thanks for being my lifetime Valentine.
Life has become more meaningful  Just because of you.
I can’t even imagine my life without you.
I am happy because of you.  I love you!
Happy Valentine’s Day
Honth keh nahi sakte jo fasana dil ka,
Shayad nazar se woh baat ho jaye.
Is umeed mein karte hain intezaar raat ka,
ke shayad sapne mein mulaqat ho jaye.
Lamhe ye suhane saath ho na ho,
kal me aaj jaisi koi baat ho na ho,
aapka pyar hamesha is dil mei rahega,
chahe poori umar mulaqat ho na ho..
I am longing to reach you and be with you forever.
Waiting for the moment to come
You are like the candy in my mouth,
melts and spreads its sweetness. 
You spread the love and happiness within me and I love the feel to be loved by you.
Love you so much!
Valentine Day Messages for Mom
Na kabhi muskurahat tere hothon se duur ho..
Teri har khwahish haqiqat ko manzoor ho..
Ho jaye jo tu mujhse khafa..
Khuda na kare mujhse kabhi aisa kasoor ho........
Tears can sometimes be more special than smiles…
For smiles can be given to any one…
But tears are only shed for people we love!
Happy Valentine”s Day !.........
Nothing can compare with you
Not even the flowers in full bloom
Nor the beautiful sunset in the west.
I wish to bring you happiness
And all the love, even my life!
Happy Valentine’s Day sweetheart!
I’m enthralled by your beauty, mesmerized by your charisma and spellbound by your love. No wonder I am always thinking about you. I wish to celebrate every Valentine with you. Happy Valentine’s Day.
You walked in, and the sun broke through the clouds. Suddenly, life was worth living, and it became this big adventure. Thank you for being part of my life.
I like to continue the journey of my love with you forever;
I wish the journey to start forever and end at never.
I love to be loved by you my sweet heart, I love you so much!
I don’t want to miss your voice,
don’t want to miss your care and love and I don’t want to miss you on the whole,
if I miss these I am going to miss my life.
Please stay with me forever and make me happy.
Valentine Day Messages For Friends
I consider myself to be the luckiest woman on this Earth and it’s only because I have found the most precious jewel of this world. It’s you, my love. You are the only thing that looks good on me.
I was reborn when you first kissed me. Part of me died when you left me. But now I still live, waiting for the day you return to me.
Ek bar muskura ke kah do ham se pyaar hai tumko,
Ek bar ye bata do ke hamara intezaar hai tumko,
jindagi bhar karenge aapse hi ham ulfat bas,
kaho ki hamari is bat ka ikthiyaar hai tumko..
ये दुनियाँ के तमाम चेहरे
तुम्हें गुमराह कर देंगें..
तुम बस मेरे दिल में रहो,
यहाँ कोई आता जाता नहीं..❤️
You Showed Me How It Is
To Be Loved,
Now I Know What Really Love Is,
One Day We Will Be Together Forever,
I Can’t Wait To Hold You In My Arms Again..
Happy Valentine Day. 
Valentine Day Messages Love
तेरी पहली मुलाकात जिन्दगी में एक बहार लाई थी,
हर आईने में तेरी तस्वीर मुझे नजर आई थी,
लोग कहते हैं प्यार में नींद उड़ जाती है,
हमने तो नींदों में ही प्यार की दुनिया बनाई थी..!!
Thanks for always helping me to remember what is important in life... and today it is you! Happy Valentine’s Day!
“I wish health, love and happiness to my family; I’m so happy to be one of you. You’re always so caring and giving to me; You support me in whatever I do.” 
“Valentine's Day is about so much more than just love. It's a time to value those who have always been there, just as you have always been for me when I needed you most. Happy Valentine's Day!”
You have someone in your life that thinks the world of you and that someone could never be who she is if it had not been for you. That person is me and I am grateful for you. Happy Valentine’s Day, Mom!
Valentine Day Messages for Boyfriend
For a mom who gives of herself to a kid who needs her help. I love you, Mom! Thank You and Happy Valentine’s Day!
For as much as life will bring about change, some things will always remain the same the love that I have for you and the place that you have in my heart! Happy Valentine’s Day, Daughter!
As your day goes on, my hope is that it’s full of hugs and kisses. That’s what I wish for you, Daughter. A day as magical as a world of wishes! Happy Valentine’s Day!
Nothing can compare to the way you make me feel. Butterflies come close, I guess. See you later.
Love is more than longing gazes, dancing in the rain and candlelight dinners, but I am so glad we experience all of that and more. I love you 
When you look into my eyes, I understand why poets and songwriters spent so many hours trying to capture the feeling into words. My heart melts when you look at me.
Happy Valentine Day Message Images
For many years i experienced dreamless and dull nights. But the moment you came into my life, everything seemed just perfect and you changed the color of my dreamless nights
If there is one thing that I've done right in my life it's making you fall in love with me! Thank you for being so amazing. Happy Valentine's Day my love!
I love you! Happy Valentine’s Day I miss you every minute you are away. Let us fall in love more. Will you grow old with me? Will you marry me? Let us get married again.
You hold me when I’m weak, Care for me when I’m sick When you’re there, My hear t leaps. I just want to say, You make me love you More each day
You make my heart melt Like chocolate in the sun. You’ve made my heart beat Like no one has ever done. I love you, will you be mine? 
Teri har ada mohabbat si lagti hai
Ek pal ki judayi sadiyoun si lagti hai
Pehle nahin socha tha ab sochne laga hoon
Zindagi ke har lamhe mein teri zaroorat si lagti hai 
Valentines day messages for Lovers
During this Season of Love, I wish that you will finally find That gift from above, The one to make you happy, And fill you with love. Happy Valentine’s Day!
Jab tanhai me aapki yaad aati hai,
Hontho pe ek hi fariyad aati hai...
Khuda aapko har khushi de,
Kyonki aaj bhi hamari har khushi aapke baad aati hai..
I wish you more energy Because you’ll be running in my thoughts For a very long time! Happy Valentine’s!
Looking at our kids, I realize how far we’ve come. We have been through a lot And yet we are still together and stronger than ever. Thank you for staying beside me. I love you! Happy Valentines Day 
ye jaruri nahi ki bol dene se hi pyaar hota hai , aankhon aankhon me bhi pyaar ka ijhar hota hai , aap ek baar hamari taraf dekh lijiye, fir dekhna ki aapko har waqt hamara hi didar hota hai.
Today I want you to know that I love you dearly. Years spent with you shall be memories That will be cherished not just remembered. Happy Valentine’s Day to you sweetheart!!
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