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2017 Kiss day specialities, Types of kiss, Kissing ideas

Happy Valentine's day in advance to all, This year 2017 valentines day will be the best day to all the lovers and married couples. It is the best moment to celebrate the day of love. The Valentine week Consists of 7 days of celebration; The 6th day is the kiss day. 

The most romantic day of the week the Valentine week is on FEB-12, takes place as the best moment in your life diary. Kiss is of four types

 First kiss 
 Formal kiss 
 Passionate kiss
 Goodbye Kiss 

Kiss day held on July-6 in the UK. Thai celebrates its kiss day on Feb-13. Kissing Day targets to make people thankful by giving a kiss on their right. There are no social norms; it is just a kiss. Across World, we Enjoy the kiss by Surprising our loved one on this Kiss day. 

Kissing has different meaning, 

Kissing on the lips means- I love you so much
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A passionate kiss which takes your relationship to the different level.  Lip to lip kiss starts a slowly and then becomes more romantic and ends on satisfaction level.

kissing on Forehead means- He/ She thinks, you will always be mine forever.
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It is the very calm and patient way of kissing. It makes the loved one feel happy and blessed. Kissing on forehead builds a confidentiality of love. This kind of kiss indirectly tells that your life partner cares for you more and does not let you go at any cost.

Kissing on Ears- Romantic
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It is the way of expressing you are in a romantic mood. This type of kiss indicates you are hot too.

Kissing on hand means -he/she adore you
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Usually, girls eel embarrassed when her guy kiss her hand. When your man holds your hands and kisses the palm, it signs that you are adorable and passionate.

Kissing on neck means- Both belongs together. 
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This kind of the kiss will boost your expectations, and I am sure you won’t stop till you are at the satisfaction level.

Kissing on the Shoulder means- He/she need you
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Pairs who are in deep love express their love by giving the kiss on their partner shoulder.

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